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Questions & Answers on Sports Scholarships

Q: In what sports are scholarships offered?

Athletic scholarships are available in the following sports:

Q:How many scholarships are available?

A: A large number of athletic scholarships are available—probably even more than you think. Did you realize that there are over 1000 NCAA schools in the United States that may be able to give you some form of scholarship? We all immediately think of NCAA Division I schools when discussing athletic scholarships, but we can't forget the many other smaller NCAA schools as well. Division II schools can give out athletic scholarships, and their programs are very competitive. Although NCAA Division III schools cannot formally give athletic scholarships, don't think that doesn't mean that they don't care about their athletic programs. Many Division III schools will offer scholarships to incoming athletes—although these are not "athletic scholarships" in the formal sense (rather, they would be academic or entrance scholarships).

Alongside NCAA schools, there are nearly 300 schools that are members of the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics), while countless others compete at the NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association).

The above are just American schools; don't forget the hundreds of colleges and universities here in Canada. Most are able to give either athletic scholarships or financial aid packages to qualifying student athletes.

Q: How does Ontariosportsrecruiting.com help?

A: We use our personal knowledge and available resources to help you. Our goal is to help identify available scholarship opportunities for you—opportunities that fit your sport and your level of performance. Furthermore, we will ensure the schools that we are targeting are a good mix for your personal and academic goals. Of course, you do get the final approval on schools that we select for you and any personal requests will gladly be accommodated!

Q: Am I good enough for an athletic scholarship? Am I good enough to play sports in college/university?

A: There are literally thousands of athletic scholarship opportunities available to prospective students—not to mention any other entrance or academic awards that you may qualify for. From my experiences in the United States, I have even seen schools (due to numbers, athletic department philosophy, etc.) that don't make cuts to some of their teams! If you want to play, we can help!

Q: Why is it important to use a service such as Ontariosportsrecruiting.com?

A: Many athletes (and parents) make the mistake of believing that if an athlete is talented, a coach will find them regardless of geographical location. Unfortunately, especially for athletes here in Ontario, that isn't necessarily the case. Recruiting budgets are very limited, especially when it comes to "non-revenue sports". In fact, the average recruiting budget across the United States for a non-revenue sport is only about $2,000 per year. As such, many schools that might be interested in your talents unfortunately do not have the means to locate every single athlete that may be able to benefit their program.